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C & M Mfg. is a full service custom plastic injection molding facility . We can take your idea from your mind, to a fully developed product.

  • C & M Mfg. has at its disposal full Auto Cad drawing capabilities , C & M also has in house tooling design , tool production and parts production from the tool, all in house.
  • C & M Mfg. Currently produces parts for sporting ,electronic, hobby , medical , and other industries . With materials ranging from nylons, glass filled nylons, urethane, polypropylene high impact polystyrene , ABS, Delrons, polycarbs, and many other materials.
  • C & M mfg. molding machines range in size from 75 ton to 200 tons with a 50 ton and 300 ton machines to be added with in 6 months. We also have a verity of support equipment from material dryers to mold temperature controllers to ensure that the parts you order are exactly the way that you want them.
  • If you currently have molds that you would like C & M Mfg. to give you competitive quotes on , contact us and we will work out the details.

Please feel free to contact C & M mfg. for any questions you may have concerning your plastic injection needs

C&M Manufacturing, Inc.
657 South 4150 West
Salt Lake City, UTAH 84104

Phone: 801-975-7724
Fax: 801-975-7734

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